Common Signs that Your Roof Has Water Damage

Similar to all things within your home, your roof requires to be occasionally maintained and inspected. What’s great now is that you can either inspect your roofing status by yourself or hire a certified roofer to do the annual checkup for you. No matter what you select, below are the most common signs of roof water damage that you should remember:

Issues with flashing

If the flashing near your vent pope, rooftop, or chimney isn’t in great condition, there is a possibility that it could result in expensive damage and water seepage. On flat roofing, flashing is usually the most typical reason why roof leaks happen and you need to be mindful about that.

Signs of aging

Just like everything else, our roofing has its approximated life span as well. Hence, if you believe that your roof has already served you for quite a long time, then now must be the perfect time to think about replacing it with a new one. Remember that an aging roof should not be too challenging to notice.

Leaky roof beams

Try to take a look at your attic using a flashlight and check whether you can observe shining sunlight through the roof beams. If you can see some, it could indicate that water might or is already absorbing in. If this is your case, immediately have it repaired. Aside from that, once your insulation displays an indication of moisture and mold, it possibly means that you also have to inspect for damage in this area.

Roofing debris in the gutters

It’s normal to see leaves in your gutters. However, seeing roofing granules on them is an unusual situation. Yes, it’s usually for a roof to have some loose granules. But once you notice that your gutter is already obstructed by granules, it would be best to call for a roofer’s assistance and assessment right away to check your roof. Similar to shingles, your roof can be exposed to different risks if there’s an ongoing lack of granules.

Missing shingles

Once you can see that some of your roofing shingles were missing, perhaps because of a strong blow of wind or due to any reasons, you need to replace them right away. If some of your shingles are missing, some of the roofing parts can be exposed to different elements of nature. Because of this, water damage could be seeping into wood decking. Or when you see that your asphalt shingles start to curl up at the edges, it could possibly indicate that they’ve already gathered a similar amount of water damage. Regardless of the case, you really need to have them replaced immediately.

For more inquiries or some tips about keeping up and cleaning your residential roofing Fort Wayne, never hesitate to contact us. We will be willing to check any possible damage your roof has. Our expert roofers will guarantee to provide you honest assessment and quality reroofing and repair services. Call us now for more information.

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